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    Dog Stacks Things On Head, Also Stacks Things On Butt

    In a SHOCKING turn of events, Jack the Australian Cattle Dog proves he's also excellent at stacking stuff on his butt. Well done, and thank you, Jack, for your hard work.

    You remember Jack's stack of cookies?

    And his impressive can of soup?

    Does Jack's frying pan ring a bell, perhaps?

    How about his EGG MASTERY?

    Or Jack's stack of fat cash?

    Or his slight disdain of lunch meat?

    Well, now you can admire his ADVANCED butt skills, too! Check out those cans on that can!

    Or this mug of tea!

    Look at these fluffy biscuits perfectly balanced on his fluffy butt! LOOK AT THEM!

    Don't miss Jack's vegetable stand!

    And this gigantic ball!

    This bottle of wine is defying gravity thanks to Jack's butt.

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