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It's Time To Get Charmed By More Of New York's Infamous Bodega Cats

WNYC gives you the chance to hear these kitties' stories straight from their own meow-ths. Don't miss the original installment all the way from Park Slope.

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Head into the Upper West Side to meet...


Life wasn't always easy for this cutie.

Luckily, he's learned a lot from his time in the store.

Hear Oliver's story in his own words here:

View this video on YouTube

Then it's over to Ridgewood, Queens to see...

...Carmel! He's only 2 months old, but he's already a pro at the bodega game.

He's already learned a lot of confidence...

...but he knows his place!

Learn more about Carmel's Polish bodega here:

View this video on YouTube

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