17 Issues Sober People Have To Deal With

The world might judge you for not drinking, but you know you’re awesome!

1. When you suddenly have to become the Thought Police and prevent your drunk friends from saying anything too stupid.

2. You’re usually the designated driver, not that you mind.

3. People are SHOCKED when you let them know you don’t drink. SHOCKED.

4. It can feel weird to back out of some social engagements but otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get a ride home until people are sober at like 4 a.m.

5. People assume you never have fun because you don’t drink, but…

6. …you just have fun in a different way!

7. When people don’t understand how you can have friends and not drink. They’re not mutually exclusive activities, silly.

8. You’re not jealous of your friends who wake up in weird places the night after a party…

9. …but you don’t judge them either. You love ‘em for who they are.

10. Sometimes you put juice in a wine glass just to feel a little fancy.

11. People assume you think everyone drinks to excess, but you understand that most people do drink responsibly.

12. You’ve tried to tell your friends not to attempt that jump, but they just never listen.

13. You put your drink in a red cup like everyone else, and then people assume you fell off the wagon. You’re just trying to enjoy some water in peace!

14. To people who try to convince you to have “just one drink” or say they want to be there for your first drink, you gotta lay down the law.

15. Trying to handle any unwanted affections being thrown your way.

16. Driving at night through your city (or college’s town) and feeling like you’re in a high-stakes video game called “DON’T HIT THE WADDLING PEDESTRIANS.”

17. It’s not like you think everyone who drinks looks ridiculous 100% of the time; it’s just not for you.

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