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    21 Best Instayams On Instagram

    Because the sweetest of potatoes deserve some love during #PotatoWeek.

    1. "don't cross me i'm feeling totally salty today #fightme #youwont"

    2. "lol just call me coco-NUTTY today ;D"

    3. "wearing layers today omgggg #falliscoming #winteriscoming #whoelsewatchesGOT"

    4. "me and my bff balls just hangin today. so nice to catch up with an old friend!"

    5. "gettin #stacked tonight, bettah watch out"

    6. "yarrrrr, shiver me skewers!"

    7. "all about dat edamame life tonight"

    8. "eating onions, so i guess i won't be kissing anyone tonight ;)"

    9. "omg soup weather finallyyyyyyy #sweaterweather #cozyup"

    10. "are all these triangles too hipster? ugh just let me live my liiiife"

    11. "maybe you should try to get to ~gnocchi~ me before you judge me #rude"

    12. "trying out some new wedges! whaddya think: super cute or super ug?"

    13. "don't ever try to tell me what i pe-can or can't do. lol jk i'm not really mad but some fools be crazy out there."

    14. "I'M ON A BOAT!!!! #lonelyisland #dinnerfor1"

    15. "a lil burger never hurt nobody"

    16. "feeling a little smashed today but i'm hoping things will look up soon #optimist #hopelessromantic #whywontCarlnoticeme"

    17. "someone's a cute little chick(pea) today ;) #mygirlfriendissocute"

    18. "love that my outfit matches the weather today - everyone's drizzling!"

    19. "don't judge me for my love of cheese, y'all. you gnocchi you love it 2!"

    20. "burritos are basically cozy lil blankets <3"

    21. "ja-bacon me crazy!"