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    Instagram Artist Digitally Doodles On Cats And It's Great

    Following idraw_on_cats will send you on a wild ride of fun!

    This is Bob.

    He's the king of idraw_on_cats.

    Sometimes other cats come on over to join the fun.

    The beauty of these doodles is the way they let out the inner purr-sonalities of the kitties!

    Even if their personality is actually a horse...

    ...or a princess...

    ...or a Buchanan.

    Even Bob got in on this sweet drawing action, that's how fun it is!

    Hopefully these kitties won't get too carried away!

    Would Abraham Lin-kitten lie to you about how awesome these doodles are?

    Nala, quite frankly, is shocked that you aren't already following the account!

    Between the Victorian ladies...

    ...and the catstronauts...

    ...and the cowcats...

    ...Bob couldn't cook up a cuter account to check out.

    Now smile pretty for the camera!

    You're about to go on a magically whimsical adventure!