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Instagram Artist Digitally Doodles On Cats And It's Great

Following idraw_on_cats will send you on a wild ride of fun!

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Sometimes other cats come on over to join the fun.

The beauty of these doodles is the way they let out the inner purr-sonalities of the kitties!

Even if their personality is actually a horse...

Even Bob got in on this sweet drawing action, that's how fun it is!

Hopefully these kitties won't get too carried away!

Would Abraham Lin-kitten lie to you about how awesome these doodles are?

Nala, quite frankly, is shocked that you aren't already following the account!

Between the Victorian ladies...

...Bob couldn't cook up a cuter account to check out.

Now smile pretty for the camera!

You're about to go on a magically whimsical adventure!

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