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20 Prom Dates Everyone Will Recognize

Don't even look at Trevor.

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1. Kevin, who somehow ends up topless by the end of the night to "take you to the gun show."

2. Janice, who refuses to go inside at the same time as you because she wants to make an entrance.

3. Greg, who won't stop talking about how good the buffet is.

4. Harriet, who keeps glaring at everyone else's outfits to see if they're cuter than hers.

5. Toby, who's really scared he'll stain his tux and not be able to return it.

6. Judy, who can't believe you interrupted her conversation with Kevin FOR NOTHING.

7. Rob, who is only here because his mom made him buy a ticket.

8. Susan, who made her dress herself and is maybe too proud about that.

9. Louis, who is trying not to be self-conscious about his height tonight.

10. Mavis, who drank too much punch and is now on a very prolonged sugar high.

11. Richard, who is mostly excited for all the photos he'll have of himself now.

12. Diane, who is going to ask Toby to dance tonight even if the thought of doing that makes her sweaty.

13. Peter, who wanted to wear an "alternative" tux.

14. Sarah, who is going to wear a punk dress no matter what her mom says.

15. "Scooter," who surprised everyone by cleaning up well, because his nickname is "Scooter."

16. Dorothy, who does everything ironically.

17. Sam, who finally decided to go with a pinstripe despite fearing it'd make him stand out too much.

18. Charlotte, who caf'd up beforehand so she is good. to. go.

19. Trevor, who booked a hotel room even though he's not bringing a date.

20. Mary, who demanded to go to Olive Garden for dinner first and will happily smell like breadsticks the whole night.

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