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18 Great Danes Who Think They're Just Average

Sounds like someone needs a lil confidence boost!

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1. "Oh, this is my parent's house. I didn't pay for any of this."

2. "I don't think my eyes are that blue, but thank you all the same!"

3. "My guard dog skills could use some work, probably."

4. "I'm only trying to copy what I saw Monty do earlier. Normally I'm not this flexible, I swear!"


6. "Being on the couch all day is some kind of accomplishment. Just not sure what kind yet."

7. "Soon I'll be able to totally catch some air!"

8. "Sometimes the shady picnic spots just find me, not the other way around."

9. "I wouldn't say I've traveled a lot."

10. "That food you brought smells amazing!"

11. "No, you look good at this angle!"


13. "I learned how to nap this well from my buddy Clive."

14. "I couldn't have jumped this far if it weren't for you throwing that stick so well!"

15. "Learning how to meditate properly took a long time."

16. "I pull a lot of fashion inspiration from magazines and Instagram. There's no way I'd think of this on my own!"

17. "You totally taught me how to ~treat myself~."

18. "Nature makes everyone look good."

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