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    How To Survive The First Day Of School

    Let these animals teach you how to have a rockin' first day of school!

    1. Hope you got a good night's sleep, because it's time to get up!

    2. Grab a quick shower, and don't forget to wash behind your ears!

    3. Eat a nutritious breakfast.

    4. Now slap on your brand new backpack, and get ready to go!

    5. Don't be intimidated by the schoolyard. You'll make tons of friends today!

    6. Get a good seat in class. Not too far up front, like a nerdy nerd, but you want to make sure you can hear the teacher.

    7. Spell something wrong in English class? No worries. Fix it on the second try then feel really cool and smart!

    8. Math is so easy for you! Way to go!

    9. Don't be nervous about lunchtime seating arrangements...

    10. ...even if you sit alone, you'll still be with your best friend — you!

    11. After lunch, you're practically a pro at school. Good job! But wait a minute...

    12. Your teacher just mentioned a summer assignment that you totally didn't remember! Hurry up and write it!

    13. Yesssss, you totally dodged that bullet.

    14. Phew! Now you can celebrate on your way home. You survived your first day of school...

    15. ...except for all the homework.

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