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    You Can't Stop Watching These Mini Cooking Videos


    This post is a continuing dive into the world of mini cooking videos.

    Ever wanted to make the world's smallest croquette?

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    Peel a hella tiny potato CAREFULLY.

    Then mash and mix with your sauteed beef and miniscule onions.

    Batter, deep-fry, and serve with sauce. Yum, a meal fit for a tiny king!

    Time to make some infuriatingly small doughnuts!

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    Put your dough balls in a circle, and get ready to...


    Present your beautiful creations in an oily pile. Delicious!

    This'll really impress your friends: mini dumplings!

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    Make cabbage ribbons CAREFULLY.

    Mix with similarly tiny meat and fill your nearly negligible dumpling wrappers.

    Fry/steam those dumps and elegantly serve them to your buds! But only if your buds are ants.

    The centerpiece of any meal DEFINITELY has to be an onion ring tower.

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    Slice up your rings CAREFULLY.

    Then it's time for the ol' standby: batter and deep-fry!

    Stack and serve with a beautiful floral arrangement for ambience.

    Pretend like you're at the fair of your dreams while you eat these mini corn dogs!

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    Slice and skewer your teenie weenies.

    Batter. Deep-fry. Repeat.

    Serve with ketchup from a super-small bottle and two sips of soda.

    Finally, you can make pudding inside of an egg and feed it to your adorable dog.

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    Scramble the egg with milk and sugar over the heat of a CANDLE, then fill the egg with the mixture.

    Let it chill out in the fridge for a while, then present it to your beloved pooch!

    Way to go, pal!