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What's Your Horoscope For January?

WARNING: Mercury is in retrograde for a bit. :(

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This month starts off with you feeling definitely confident in your career, Aries! Keep pushing forward in that area but remember: Mercury is in retrograde for most of this month, so maybe save any big conversations for the end of it. Your ambition is for sure in the right place. Just get all your ducks in a row at work before making the big change that you know is coming.

By the end of the month, your focus will shift more toward your friends (so don't worry about getting TOO obsessed with your career for too long). There's also a sense of renewal floating around you, like usual around this time of year. Let that inspire you to enhance or change what's important to you for now.

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Embrace your creative feelings in the start of the new year, Taurus! Your joint projects are helping you feel more ambitious, which is also lovely. Use your partners and other close relationships to motivate you now more than ever. There's some kind of change or renewal in the air, and you're ready to catch it. Is there a class you've been wanting to try, or a skill you've wanted to perfect?

Don't worry if you might be feeling a bit left out from your usual social life, either. Your core group will be pushing you forward, which is all you need. Focus on your independence, and that will see you through January.

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Some sort of joint project is on your mind at the beginning of this month, Gemini. Maybe something new is starting for you? Either way, your career is also sending you inspirational vibes as well, so there are lots of your projects trying to help you out. That feeling of confidence will bring in nice close relationships, something you've been looking for. This will come while you're feeling a tad more independent from your usual circle of friends; this isn't a bad thing, as everyone needs to recharge every now and then.

Be careful, though. Mercury is in retrograde for most of the month, which means communicating about the financial aspects of those projects will be tricky. Just do your planning now and worry about discussing the specifics later. Perhaps focusing on organizing your home could be a nice distraction while you're waiting for Mercury to behave itself.

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Your new year is starting with your focus on your close relationships, Cancer. Even though you might find it difficult to talk to those people; Mercury is in retrograde for most of the month, which will make communicating between you and all your people mildly tricky.

Overall, you'll be feeling the good kind of ambition at your work, so embrace that feeling! You might even feel more independent when it comes to your career, which is always nice. Your partners will be sending you all of the positive vibes you'll need. Maybe you'll even feel inspired by learning something new!

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January starts with you focusing on your work and career, Leo. And there might even be some small changes around the corner for you! Embrace them. Maybe there's a new skill you can learn and bring to the table. Definitely communicate your feelings, but be cautious: Mercury is in retrograde for most of the month, which just means you should be appropriately wary when any big discussions come up.

Soon, you'll be focusing more on your close relationships. Maybe there's someone you've wanted to get closer to? You'll also be feeling more ambitious when it comes to your social life, too. If you follow those bigger ideas, you'll feel more rewarded from your friends in the long run.

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Your social life is your focus in the start of the new year, Virgo. You're even able to find inspiration from those important partners in your life. If those close relationships have been rich with ideas or support, continue to lean on those good buddies. If it feels tricky trying to figure out how to communicate the fresh ideas your group is giving you, that's because Mercury is in retrograde for most of January.

Your focus will shift to your habits in both your health and your work. See where you can grow and feel more independent so you can get that security you've been working toward. Use your unique point-of-view to help you in any joint projects you've got going on. Use those happy vibes from your social life to propel you in your other areas.

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January starts out with your mind on your home and family, Libra. Perhaps there are some areas that could use a good spruce? Wanting to keep your health up is also keeping you inspired, as well as your work. Keeping your body in tiptop condition will help you attract the positive work vibes that you need to keep going.

It's still important to communicate your career ambitions, even if it might feel tricky to talk about anything this month. Mercury is in retrograde for most of January, which can mess up some of your communication wires. You'll be feeling independent when it comes to some of your closer relationships, but that isn't always a bad thing!

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This year will start out with your focus on communication for you, Scorpio. You're totally motivated to support and advance you. You're hitting your stride at work, even if you're the unique one of the bunch, which is helping the universe send you some positive vibes toward your bank account. Feeling success in that area might even lead you to change some of your health habits. No need to create a crazy gym routine, but see where you can do some personal "spring" cleaning.

Your friends and social life will also inspire you quite a bit, so lean on those who help you out. Could your friends be keeping secrets from you, though? Try to figure it all out, but use caution! Mercury will be in retrograde for most of the month which could trip up your communication wires.

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Your month is still starting out with some focus on your finances, Sagittarius. But that's just going to help motivate you with some positive ambition for yourself. You might be feeling a bit more independent when it comes to your social life, or that you want to make some changes for the better in that area. Go for it! You'll also feel more and more inspired by your home or family; embrace that, too!

Communicating about your money needs, or changes, will be a bit difficult as Mercury will be in retrograde for most of this month. Maybe it's time to ask for a raise? Just map out your plan of attack so you'll be ready to get that ball rolling when it comes time. There could be some tough knowledge that you're trying to sort out about your career. Just stay a bit focused and get your communication strategies in order.

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Your new year is still in Capricorn season, so live it up! This is a wonderful time to focus on yourself and to assert your opinions more often than usual. It's also a time to embrace the sense of renewal that comes around this time of year; is there a class you can take to get you closer to your "dream" self?

With Mercury in retrograde for most of January, you might find it to be difficult to discuss your thoughts when it comes to any bold changes you want to make for yourself. Just try to plan any discussions carefully so that your intentions aren't misheard. Either way, use the inspiration you feel around your friends, as well as how good it feels to gain more knowledge.

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As January starts off, Aquarius, you'll be focusing on the feeling of renewing yourself. Maybe you're interested in making (and keeping!) some resolutions this time around? Those vibes will help you attract the right friends into your corner; perhaps you'll even seek some new ones out or work on strengthening existing ones.

Your career will also be motivating you quite a bit as you start off the new year. You want to make sure your spending habits are in order. But if you feel like you're doing a lot of personal work on bettering yourself and feeling more independent, it might also feel difficult when it comes to sharing what's going on with you. Mercury will be in retrograde for most of this month, so just be wary when it comes time to talking about yourself.

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Your month will start out with your focus on your friends, Pisces. Even though it might feel difficult to communicate with them, or get your point across, for a couple of weeks; pesky Mercury is in retrograde for most of the month. You won't let that stop you from chasing your career with well-placed ambitions, though!

You'll be striving to feel independent when it comes to your finances. For most of the month, your inspiration will come from wanting to better yourself - 'tis the season, after all! See where you can push yourself to learn new skills; by the end of the month, your focus will be on wanting to renew yourself. (That doesn't have to mean in big ways, though!) You'll be busy attracting positive friendship vibes throughout the month, just be careful when it comes to wording things.

These horoscopes were written for entertainment purposes only!

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