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    Here's The Foolproof Method Of Picking A Name For A Puppy

    Everyone should use Puppy-Poop Bingo from now on.

    Mike Rowe, the beloved host of "Dirty Jobs," adopted a new puppy over the weekend.

    "Yesterday he was homeless, today he’s not, and this morning we’re getting acquainted," he explained on his Facebook page. "All I know for sure is his teeth are sharp and he craps like a puma."

    "He is also nameless, which I’m hoping one of you will help correct. Call it a contest. Winner gets one of the attached photos, personalized by the dog."

    After over 86,000 name suggestions were thrown into the comments section, Mike decided on a new tactic.

    The new strategy is called "Puppy-Poop Bingo."

    Facebook: TheRealMikeRowe

    "I've got to run out for a few hours. When I return, we'll have a winner. God-willing."

    And, yeah, they found a winner. Everyone, meet Freddie!

    Facebook: TheRealMikeRowe

    The rules of Puppy-Poop Bingo might be unclear, but as Mike said: "In the end, I deferred to the wisdom of the old chestnut, 'It’s Not Where You Start...It’s Where You Finish.' And the pup clearly finished on Freddie."

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