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Here's An Hour-Long Mash-up Of Smash Mouth's "All Star"


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You can thank comedic genius Neil Cicierega for this one, guys. Here's "Mouth Sounds":

You can now enjoy "All Star" remixed with some of your other favorite songs in the most amazing way.

"You Oughta Know" makes a great debut around 17:00, while Modest Mouse (Modest Mouth????) comes in early at 1:49 or so.

For more mash-up goodness that isn't from the greatest band out of the '90s, check out Neil's other hour-long album, "Mouth Silence":

Around 8:30, you can hear combos of the Folger's commercial, Foo Fighters and Tina Turner, because that's all the world was missing. At 12:55, hear news reports about Pokémon playing over Michael Jackson.

So, like, there's something for everyone.

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