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    This Bunny Is A Sneaky Snack Stealer

    Guard your crackers with your life. (H/T Tastefully Offensive)

    "Look at the camera, buddy. Thaaaaat's it."


    "Oh, you're offering me just one bite of cracker? SUCKA, I'M TAKIN' THE WHOLE DANG THING."

    👶: "???" 🐺: "???"

    "Ugh, wait, vegetables? No thank you."

    "Whoops, watch it there, pal. You're alright, just walk it off..."

    " that direction because FREE CRACKER ALERT. Dirt don't hurt."

    To see all of Oreo the bunny's antics, and catch some other cute footage, watch the video below:

    View this video on YouTube

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