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19 Times Your Pets Thought They Were People

Who can tell the difference, really.

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1. "Yeah, I like to kick back with a brewski after work."

2. "These lil booties were made for walkin', and don't you forget it!"

3. "Sure do wish the neighbor kids would keep it down out there. I'm trying to watch 60 Minutes."

4. "I will only buckle my seatbelt once your hands are in the correct position on the wheel. Safety first!"

5. "I'm more of a snooker man, myself. But billiards will do for now."

6. "I'm just waiting for it to cool down."

7. "Don't look at me. There are some real cute babes over there, and I think I can get their attention."

8. "This wine is so leggy!"

9. "Could you be a dear and open this bottle of glue for me? Thanks, I'll take it from here."


11. "Jared, could you change the channel? You're too kind."

12. "Ain't nothin' better than watching some football on a Sunday, am I right, guys?"

13. "Oh how funnyyyyy. I was going to cook pasta tonight, too! Ya beat me to it!"

14. "I'll take the first nap, just wake me up when you want me to drive."

15. "Look at the pair of us! Just two little ladies, lovin' life."

16. "Excellent dinner, Michael, thank you. And thank you for understanding that I clearly know how to use a fork."

17. "Ugh, I can't believe you like watching Bravo. Every housewife is so mean!"

18. "Check out my sweet, sweet ollies and flips and hoopers and trimoons and marshmallows! I can do 'em all!"

19. "Peter, we need to discuss your taxes. Please, sit."

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