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Happy Howloween!

Treat or treat!

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1. "Moooooove over, everyone else's costume! Mine's definitely the best."

2. "Don't be afraid to hop on over my way for a lil smooch."

3. "Tonight's all about the candy, no bones about it!"

4. "Just call me Roy G. FABULOUS!"

5. "I hope you relish this opportunity to see me in my get-up."

6. "Wait, you totally can see my poker face?! I'm returning this."

7. "Tonight, we're ALL wizards!"

8. "One of us is a little bit country, and the other is... you get it."

9. "Everyone's a'buzz over my outfit."

10. "I'm offended that you called me cowardly! I'm quite brave, I promise."

11. "Sure, I'll give you a lift! Witch way are you headed?"

12. "Whoa, I'm so dizzy after practicing my spins! I'll keep all four paws on the ground tonight, methinks."

13. "Told ya Tupac was alive and well!"

14. "Queen of HEARTS. Oh, what? You got it the first time? Alright."

15. "I take disco very seriously."


17. "Yeah, I've put a spell on myself before. It was to make me hella cute. Did it work?"

18. "I'm kinda busy right now, but let's ketchup later, okay??"

19. "From jaws to paws, this outfit is just too cute, and you know it!"

20. "This is my 'do I use my magic for good or evil' face. Tonight's the night we find out if I've got tricks or treats up my sleeve!"


22. "We're more of a classic sort of royalty. Classically AWESOME."

23. "What do you mean you've never heard of Dogcula? It's totally a thing. I didn't make it up."

24. "My witch's hat is nice and soft, just like me, so there's nothing to get too spooked about."

25. "Now it's time to get out there and have a devilishly cute Halloween!"

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