Hannah Hart Volunteered With Kittens And It Was Too Adorable

    From YouTube to IRL, Hannah Hart practices reckless optimism.

    Hannah Hart, creator of the My Drunk Kitchen YouTube channel and author of her very own cookbook, is also super involved with the volunteer community.

    Hannah's launching a new volunteer project! The series will be 10 episodes, each spotlighting a different volunteer effort.

    Volunteers gathered to bring in towels, blankets, toys and food for the kitten nursery.

    HAHD captains, and other volunteers, are "people that want to meet like-minded community members IRL," Hannah told BuzzFeed.

    After everything was collected, it was off to the kitten nursery to see what "round-the-clock" care really means!

    The kitten nursery receives kittens ranging from newborns up to 8 weeks old, when they are officially adoptable.

    Many stray kittens are born during "kitten season," a time when up to 20 million kittens could be born across the country.

    The goal of the ASPCA volunteers is to "teach them how to be cats." They get lots of pets and attention so that they'll be more ready to be adopted when the time comes.

    After a feeding, the newborns get rubbed on their bellies with a toothbrush to mimic what their mother's tongue would feel like.

    Every volunteer, and every kitten, has a story to share.

    All of the kitties appreciate the warm and fluffy towels and blankets people donate, just like any other cat!

    Volunteers, essentially, ensure that the kittens have very "adorable days," as it were.

    Which, let's get real, isn't hard to do when you're a kitten.

    If you're curious about beginning volunteering, Hannah recommends you just try it.

    The best part about volunteering at the nursery? "Kittens get cuddles, and the humans get affection," Hannah said.

    At the end of the day, volunteering is selfish - in a good way! "We want to feel good and get something out of it," Hannah said.

    "I just think people are getting tired of being pessimistic," Hannah said. "The way real change is affected is not a happy process - it takes hard work to be positive."

    Check out the whole experience below!

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