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    Hamilton The Hipster Cat Is, Like, So Over It

    This cat practically invented irony. And PBR. And mustaches. Hamilton, the cat with a perfect "hipster" mustache just landed a T-shirt deal with The Mountain, and you should know about him.

    Waking up peacefully in the morning?

    Eggs for breakfast?

    Checking Facebook when you wake up?

    Nap in the early afternoon?

    Vegan lunch from Whole Foods?

    Nap in the late afternoon?


    Eating dinner with friends?

    Pre-gaming with PBR?

    Using an app to figure out what to wear tonight?

    Wearing bow ties?

    Getting tricked by just a hand?

    Carrying around a favorite penny?

    Becoming a professional soccer star?

    Giant pink monkey toy?

    Wearing a monkey head hat at night?

    Cuddling someone as you fall asleep?

    Hamilton was adopted from the Human Society Silicon Valley by comedian Jay Stowe. Many others passed on him because he seemed timid or skittish. And though it took him a while to warm up to Stowe's home, "one night though at like 4 a.m. he decided he was going to be a man cat and started meowing non stop until I opened the door and then he just took over the house," said Stowe.