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    Had A Hard Day? YouTube's Mamrie Hart Believes "You Deserve A Drink"

    Mamrie Hart's YouTube channel teaches you how to make delicious cocktails. It also showcases cursing, drinking and a multitude of puns. It's literally everything you could ever want. That's right, folks, "You Deserve A Drink!"

    Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

    Mamrie Hart didn't set out to teach people how to drink on the Internet, but her YouTube channel "You Deserve a Drink" has over 100,000 subscribers. The heart wants what the Hart wants.

    Have you seen her in videos with Grace Helbig or Hannah Hart? None of them are related despite the fact that two of those ladies share a last name and all of them share a penchant for drinking from time to time.

    YDAD is a perfect storm that combines three things that make up Mamrie's personality: copious amounts of puns, alcohol and obscenities. She's an expert in all of those fields.

    "It was a way of combining my performance side with the fact that I paid my rent for many years by bartending," said Mamrie.

    "I also just like the idea of combining comedy with useful information," she said. "You might think my jokes are the worst thing on earth, but shit, you just learned how to make a mango mojito."

    In addition to checking out her videos on YouTube, Mamrie, Grace and Hannah are putting together a one-hour live show they plan on touring with. Sometimes they get together for a mini-YouTube series (if that's a thing) called Home Buddies; they livestream themselves watching a movie on Netflix and invite viewers to watch both at the same time.

    It's like a sleepover except all grown up and on the Internet, basically.

    With her comedic skills and pun mastery, it might surprise you to learn that she originally moved to New York City after college to be a "serious actress."

    For right now, she's just "focused on developing ways I can get paid to be an idiot."

    She took a writing class at the People's Improv Theater and earned a spot on one of the theater's house teams, which is where she met Grace. She also started doing a bunch of work with the Upright Citizens Brigade and anything else she could get her hands on.

    "I'm in a band called Cudzoo in the Faggettes, which is the most fun you could possibly have on stage — glitter cannons, dong shaped beer bongs and sequins!" said Mamrie.

    "But the fact is, I have a face made of rubber and I can't control it!" she said. "I can't be doing a serious monologue while accidentally looking like Hatchetface from Cry Baby."

    Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

    Mamrie's biggest comedy inspirations come from women named Amy. Well... mostly.

    She loves Amy Sedaris because she "adheres to the same 'I don't have to look pretty to be funny' adage" and writes hilarious books. "Now she just needs to start making vlogs so I can never leave the house," she said.

    Just like you, Mamrie also loves Amy Poehler a whole bunch.

    "I love women with balls, and Amy's got the biggest sack swinging in Hollywood at the moment," Mamrie said. "She really doesn't give a shit if people don't agree with her on a subject."

    Bonus inspirations: "Kristen Wiig, Joan Rivers, and my friends."

    Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

    Though she considers herself new to the YouTube game, the website has earned a special place in Mamrie's heart.

    "Nothing beats performing live, but you prepare like a maniac to go out in front of 200 people, if you're lucky," she said. "With performing online, you post a video and, in an instant, a stadium sized audience have seen it. Not only that, but you get feedback from some teenager who lives in Bumfuck, New Zealand who would never see you otherwise."

    "It's really amazing to see how many people use Youtube as their television," Mamrie said. "Their subscriptions box has replaced their DVR. Plus, it's incredible to see how many people are making a career of the exact, unfiltered content they want to make."

    And yeah, sure, she uses YouTube to upload videos, but she also watches micropig videos like the rest of the world.

    YouTube stars! They're just like us!

    Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

    What's in the cards for Mamrie Hart?

    Ideally, you'll see Mamrie on a sitcom with her friends one day because "like every one who's doing the comedy thing, the ultimate dream job would be to create and star in your own sitcom," she said, and "to continue working with the people I've been coming up with."

    Maybe you'll get to read her cocktail book!

    In the meantime, let Mamrie pour some shots of knowledge for you.

    If you're a YouTuber, never read the comments. That applies to the rest of the Internet (and real life); there are better things to do than to "spend one iota of energy on a crappy" comment.

    "You're never going to be everyone's cup of tea," she said. "Fact is, I don't even like tea. I'll take coffee with Bailey's, any day."

    "Just be yourself — cliché, cliché, go away," she continued, "because there are going to people who like you. Hell, even love you. And those are the folks you want to be around anyway."

    What are you waiting for? Grab a glass and queue up some of YDAD's top videos:

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