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16 Daily Affirmations For Your Inner Grump

Let Refurb the cat show you the way.

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1. "If you can't beat 'em, hate 'em."

2. "Accept affection selectively. People have too many germs."

3. "Don't feel bad if someone mocks you. Just mock them back harder."

4. "Only trouble lurks behind you, so never sneak a peek at your butt."

5. "Deep thinking is important. Do it around other people so you look way smarter."

6. "No one should want to catch the worm."

7. "Being silly is only okay sometimes. Pick your moments wisely."

8. "If you complain loud enough, anything will get done."

9. "Anger is the easiest way to show off your beauty."

10. "Don't take no shit."

11. "Be both as aggressive and as adorable as possible at all times."

12. "Let people stare into your eyes, and soul frequently. Cuz your soul is a super scary place."

13. "Remember you're the only king that matters."

14. "If at first you don't succeed, it's not your fault."

15. "You're only as fierce as the last mouse you murdered."

16. "JUST BE YOU."

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