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Grace Helbig Will Have A New Talk Show On E!

In April, E! will premiere The Grace Helbig Project, a new "hybrid comedy" show that stars one of YouTube's darlings.

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Grace Helbig, whose book was a NY Times No. 1 best-seller during its first week, is about to be on your televisions too.

"Congratulations to E! for giving an Internet-obsessed introvert a talk show," said Grace in E!'s statement about her new show. "I'm looking forward to working with humans."

The show, tentatively titled The Grace Helbig Project, will feature celebrity interviews in random locations, improvisation, and plenty of social media tie-ins.

Grace's connection with her followers on social media fits perfectly with E!'s vision of a "rich multiplatform experience" with its viewers.

Grace's show will air some time in April on E!, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with!

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