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    Posted on Jan 30, 2014

    Gladys The Gorilla Adorably Celebrates Her First Birthday

    Gladys was abandoned by her birth mother and hand-raised by zookeepers, but her surrogate mothers have taken great care of her!

    Gladys celebrated her 1st birthday with a delicious cake, which she graciously shared.

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    This cake was made with "two layers of rice, raisin, banana, sweet potato, and biscuits, topped with pureed banana and sweet potato, and decorated with a variety of fruit, including pomegranates, lemons and grapes."

    She shared her treat with female adult gorillas who have stepped in to be her surrogate mothers.

    Gladys was abandoned by her own mother after she was born, so keepers at the Gladys Porter Zoo and Cincinatti Zoo hand-raised her. She's doing so well now!

    She knows it's totally ok to just stick your face right in your birthday cake.

    Finger-lickin' good! Happy birthday, Gladys!

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