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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    What's Your Friendship Forecast According To The Tarot?

    Let the cards tell you what's in store for you and your best buds!

    Step 1: Play the Vine and tap it to stop on a card.

    Then look for your card, and it's meaning, below!

    Major Arcana:

    0 - The Fool: You guys bring your chill attitude to the friendship table and that makes everything easy-going. You're down for anything, so go for it!

    1 - The Magician: Your friendship is basically like one of those celebrity power couples everyone talks about. Together you'll be super successful.

    2 - The High Priestess: Listen to what your gut is telling you about your current friendship. Is it time to walk away from it or double-down on the friend love?

    3 - The Empress: You should be going for friendships that help YOU be even more YOU. There's no time for people who don't have your best interests at heart.

    4 - The Emperor: Has your friendship seen some tough times lately? That's okay! You're not afraid of the hard work it takes to sustain it for the future.

    5 - The Hierophant: Don't forget to celebrate the little things! If you've been through a lot with your friend, take the time to recognize that.

    6 - The Lovers: You've found your truest friend! With the respect you two have for each other, this friendship will last forever!

    7 - The Chariot: Stick with people who are helping you achieve your goals. You're super focused, and don't need any distractions.

    8 - Strength: Take a look all of the strengths and weaknesses of this friendship. That will tell you how to act moving forward to make sure it lasts.

    9 - The Hermit: Noticed a few little issues lately? Use this time to shine a light on what they truly are, then address them! This will correct your friendship's path.

    10 - Wheel of Fortune: Let fate and the universe help take care of your friendship. You don't need to do so much hard work!

    11 - Justice: You should be focusing on friendships that have a fair balance of give and take. Anything else is basically pointless for you right now.

    12 - The Hanged Man: Is your friendship stuck in a bit of a rut? That's alright! Someone just needs to change their perspective in order to gain some clarity on someone else's point-of-view.

    13 - Death: This might not be the friendship for you, but that's fine! In life, things have to end in order for new beginnings to start.

    14 - Temperance: Remember to have fun! There should be a balance between work and play in this friendship.

    15 - The Devil: It's time to sit down and think about the parts of this friendship you don't really like. No need to act on them, yet, but just acknowledge that they exist.

    16 - The Tower: If your friendship has been going through a rough patch, don't forget to communicate with your buddy! By being clear with your thoughts, your problems will get sorted out.

    17 - The Star: What a lovely friendship! You're definitely with the right buddy, just don't forget to keep things creative and fun.

    18 - The Moon: Let your friend in on those secret wishes you've been holding onto for a while. They can handle it.

    19 - The Sun: Both of you are getting so much out of this friendship, and that's excellent. You've found who you can truly be your best self with.

    20 - Judgement: Time to let the past stay in the past and move on without holding a grudge, because that doesn't help anybody.

    21 - The World: Be more active in each other's lives; that's how you can each feel more fulfilled from this friendship. Together you act better than apart!


    Queen of Wands: You guys have lots of enthusiasm for each other, but don't be afraid to show it!

    King of Wands: Hard work to get you through this time will make your friendship even stronger.

    Knight of Wands: It's up to YOU to go for that friendship you've always wanted. Don't be afraid!

    Page of Wands: Simply hanging out with each other brings you so much joy. Have fun with the little things in life!

    Ace of Wands: Find those friendships that make you grow as a person.

    2 of Wands: There might be a couple of paths in front of you now, regarding your friendships. Make your choice with confidence, and you'll be fine.

    3 of Wands: Take the time to make sure your friendships are making you happy. If they're not, it might be time to toss 'em.

    4 of Wands: You love this friendship so much! Don't forget to remain grounded, though, as that can trip you up.

    5 of Wands: Have you guys been fighting a lot lately? Find a way to channel that energy into something you can work on together.

    6 of Wands: Your friendship will get even stronger as long as you're using all your strengths. Take charge to get what you want!

    7 of Wands: You might be working through some things right now. Take action to grow as a person, but make sure it's deliberate.

    8 of Wands: There's lots of energy behind this friendship! Before things get tricky, try to focus that energy toward something positive for you both.

    9 of Wands: Has this friendship not brought a lot of positive feelings lately? It might be time to let it go.

    10 of Wands: You're super willing to put your all behind this friendship, but make sure your motivation is pointing you toward the right stuff.


    Queen of Cups: Lean on your gut feelings when it comes to this friendship; make sure it's one you can give your whole heart to.

    King of Cups: Try not to worry so much! If there are problems, they will work themselves out. Stressing over things won't help you now.

    Knight of Cups: You're about to find your super true BFF! This is such an exciting time, so let your heart be more open than usual.

    Page of Cups: Is there something you've needed to get off your chest about your friend? It's time to finally get it out there. Speak clearly about your feelings.

    Ace of Cups: A key friendship for you now will bring on a little bit of a transformation. Let your personality grow even bigger than before.

    2 of Cups: It might be time to let something go, to talk things over or to reach a reconciliation. There are big emotions here that need to be dealt with kindly.

    3 of Cups: You've found that by opening yourself up to others, you've found some really solid friendships! This is great! Keep that attitude handy.

    4 of Cups: Take a minute to really think about your feelings toward this friendship. Is it one you want to continue with or is it over?

    5 of Cups: It's finally time to discuss that thing that's been bothering you. Don't let it weigh you down anymore.

    6 of Cups: Find the friendships that make you feel young again! That energy is what you need right now.

    7 of Cups: Sort out your own feelings/fears/wishes before expecting everyone else to have them solved. Be patient with others while you figure out what you really want from them.

    8 of Cups: You should each be encouraging each other to develop more and more! A good friend helps you grow and helps your dreams turn into realities.

    9 of Cups: If you've been a little worried lately, remember your inner confidence! Do something with your buddy that you both enjoy, and everything will take care of itself.

    10 of Cups: You've found your best friend! Celebrate each other to continue this feeling of positivity. Raise each other up!


    Queen of Swords: You can avoid problems in your friendships by being super clear with your communications. Take charge!

    King of Swords: Focus on the friendships that make you feel the most secure with yourself. Follow the harmony.

    Knight of Swords: You've got a lot of love and creativity going on in this friendship, so celebrate that by creating even more of it!

    Page of Swords: Trust yourself when it comes to feeling out this friendship. If you need to be more bold, be bold!

    Ace of Swords: Rely more on friendships that have a big amount of clarity in them. This isn't time for wishy-washy friends.

    2 of Swords: Don't block yourself off from a potential new friendship. Listen to what your gut has to say about it first.

    3 of Swords: Friendships from the past might've burned you a little bit, but don't let that stop you from moving forward.

    4 of Swords: Allow yourself the space to relax. It'll let you forgive and let go of past hurt feelings.

    5 of Swords: Be aware that your friendship has been through a process to get to where it is now. Also be aware that the process may not yet be over.

    6 of Swords: Don't make things too hard on yourself. Work on your communication skills in order to become more clear with your intentions.

    7 of Swords: It might be time to evaluate your habits/opinions and leave behind the ones that aren't working for you anymore.

    8 of Swords: Trust your logic! Is your gut telling you something about this relationship? Listen to it, and that will set you free.

    9 of Swords: You've had a recent sudden realization about your friendship. Listen to it. That wasn't a fluke thought.

    10 of Swords: Time to move on from your old ways into a new territory. It might seem scary at first, but it will be worth it.


    Queen of Pentacles: Your friendship is one of a wonderful sense of growth and respect! Let it help you blossom.

    King of Pentacles: This relationship should show you what your true worth is. But don't let it go to your head!

    Knight of Pentacles: Tackle the conflicts ahead of you head-on. Anything that comes up now will be better to handle sooner rather than later.

    Page of Pentacles: This friendship is all about helping each other be productive! You should all be able to lean on each other for support, no matter what.

    Ace of Pentacles: Let this friendship show you the way to your better, true self.

    2 of Pentacles: Try to find the balance you need from this friendship. Even through a time of change, it's important to find a new stability from trying new tactics.

    3 of Pentacles: Is this friendship actually helping you? Try to find a way to let it guide you to your life's calling/feeling of harmony.

    4 of Pentacles: This friendship has totally helped you figure out what you do best! Remember to give back to that feeling as well.

    5 of Pentacles: If this friendship hasn't been helping you, then it's time to toss it. It needs to be a balance of give/take above all else.

    6 of Pentacles: Remember to share more of your gifts with your friends, and to let them share theirs with you.

    7 of Pentacles: Has it taken a lot of work to get to this point? Or is a lot of work ahead of you? Take a moment to see if all that effort is worth it.

    8 of Pentacles: In addition to feeling like friends, you need to realize friendship also takes a lot of work and support of each other in order to succeed.

    9 of Pentacles: Get over the little things - that's when you'll both begin to bloom! You'll be successful once you focus your energies on something positive together.

    10 of Pentacles: There's so much lovely success when you're all on the same page, working toward a common goal. Being together is the best!

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