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The "Hamilton" Guide To New York And New Jersey

♫ The revolution's happening in New York. ♫

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To please those who are commonly interested in reaching new and knowledgeable heights, we've created here, though not a singular effort, a means of exploring the rich history tied to these powerful songs. Although not every location graced by said melodies will be listed below, we hope you can find satisfaction in those from the states of New York and New Jersey. Please, listen along in hopes of putting a great new context to those places, or songs, that are already close to your hearts.

Your obedient servants,
S. Main & A. Benn.

1. Schuyler House - This was where General Schuyler, Eliza's father, lived with his wife and children. It was also where Eliza and Alexander were married.

2. Schuyler-Hamilton House - During "Helpless," Hamilton wrote his wooing letters to Eliza while she resided at this house. He also eventually visited during the winters of the war.

3. Washington's Headquarters - "A Winter's Ball" took place here in 1780, as winters were less focused on the actual fighting of the war.

4. Princeton University - Aaron Burr attended Princeton University with an advanced course of study, which partially inspired Hamilton to speed through his own studies at King's College.

5. Monmouth Battlefield - Ah, poor General Lee. This was where he "shit the bed," according to "Stay Alive."

6. King's College* - Renamed Columbia University after the war, this was where Hamilton received his education, sponsored by many wealthy friends after he emigrated from the Caribbean.

7. Kips Bay - Another battle site mentioned in "Right Hand Man," where Washington eventually realizes he should rely on Hamilton to lead more in battle than he had previously done.

8. Fraunces Tavern - This tavern, somehow known for its good food, was later home to the offices of the Departments of Foreign Affairs, War and Treasury. It's also where Washington bid farewell to his officers.

9. New York Harbor - In "Right Hand Man," many lament the number of British troops lurking in this harbor, one of the main travel ports of the city.

1. Schuyler House - Mentioned in the first act as well, but even more earnestly here, as it's Eliza and Angelica's destination in "Take A Break." Every time they sing "Let's go upstate," their father's house in Albany is what they're referencing.

2. Weehawken, NJ - "Weehawken. Dawn/Guns. Drawn." The dueling grounds in Weehkawken play a...prominent role in act two, as the site of the duels that killed both Philip and Alexander Hamilton. Dang, maybe the Hamilton family should steer clear of New Jersey.

3. The Grange - You might not have heard it through your sobbing, but "Its Quiet Uptown" involves a lot of mentions of the place in Harlem where Alexander and Eliza Hamilton lived with their children. Now it's called Hamilton Grange, and it's a museum that you can visit up on West 141st St. to do your crying in person!

4. New York Orphan Asylum Society - "Can I show you what I'm proudest of?" "THE ORPHANAAAAGE."

5. Mercer Street - Name-checked in "The Room Where It Happens" when Hamilton and Burr are discussing General Hugh Mercer's legacy and the fact that they were renaming Clermont St. in Manhattan in his honor.

6. Park Theater - The theater wherein Philip Hamilton confronted George Eacker, as dramatized in "Blow Us All Away." The actions here are what made it go quiet uptown.

7. Trinity Church - Where many of the Hamiltons are buried, including Philip, Eliza, and Alexander — as well as Angelica Schuyler Church. Trinity Church is mentioned by name in "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story."

8. Federal Hall - The site of the first capitol building of the United States. Also where George Washington took his oath of office as the country's first president. That original building was torn down in 1812, but the Federal Hall National Memorial now stands there to tell the stories of those nights.

9. 57 Maiden Lane - The site of the room where it happened. Where Thomas Jefferson lived at the time of the "dinner table bargain" that provides the backdrop for "The Room Where It Happens" — and where that bargain is said to have taken place.

*NOTE: The King's College campus was originally in downtown Manhattan, near Trinity Church, which you can see as number seven in the map for act two.