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25 Everything Bagels Who Want To Be Your Everything

You accept the love you think you deserve.

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1. "Good morning, dearest!"

2. "I love getting to wake up next to you."

3. "You're my lil love muffin."

4. "My seasoning means nothing without you."

5. "I can be anything you want me to be. I think I heard someone say that in 'The Notebook' once..."

6. "Which side is my most flattering? I think all of you is beautiful."

7. "Let's go on a picnic every day together!"

8. "This world is all about sesa-me plus you!"

9. "I'm just trying to be as transparent as can be."

10. "No need for me to keep my love for you under wraps anymore."

11. "You balance me just like this breakfast is balanced."

12. "I saved you a seat and everything. Don't leave me hangin'!"

13. "If we got lost in the woods together, I wouldn't even mind!"

14. "Basically, I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve for you."

15. "I love that you're not afraid of a little PDA."

16. "I get to be myself with you, common disposable plate and all."

17. "I'm totally willing to add some fixings into the mix in order to spice things up in our relationship."

18. "You and I belong together more than me and this coffee do, that's for sure. No offense, coffee."

20. "Let's not be afraid to get up close and personal with each other."

21. "I will give you 190% of myself!"

22. "I know you'll love me even without all my frills."

23. "You help me appreciate the simpler things in life."

24. "You're better than a hole-in-one, baby."

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