This Orphaned Baby Sloth Has To Have His Teddy Bear

    When Edward's mom could no longer care for him, zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo stepped in with a little help from a special stuffed animal.

    Hello, Edward!

    This little guy, named after Edward Scissorhands, was born at the London Zoo only seven weeks ago.

    Sadly, his mother stopped producing milk and couldn't take care of him anymore.

    But zookeepers were able to start bottle-feeding him many times a day!

    He gets "goat's milk, topped up with some vitamins," said zookeeper Kelly-Anne Kelleher.

    He's still learning how to grow into a big and strong sloth, so he gets to "train" on this sloth-like teddy bear.

    This is to "help build up the muscles that Edward would normally use holding on to mum."

    With some regular exercise...

    ...he's learning to cuddle like a pro!

    All that hard work can be pretty tiring for a baby sloth.

    Just keep hanging in there, Edward!

    For more information about the zoo and it's conservation practices, visit their website!