Dudley The Cow Got A New Prosthetic Leg And Is So Happy Now

    After being rescued from a cattle rancher, Dudley is doing much better with his new leg.

    This is Dudley. He's only a year old and was bought by a cattle rancher who purchased cows and began "fattening them up, and then selling them for a profit to be slaughtered."

    When Dudley was a baby, some twine was caught around his foot which stopped blood from flowing to it; his foot eventually fell off, and the rancher tried to help as best as he could, which wasn't much.

    The kind folks at the Gentle Barn, an animal rescue service and outreach program, decided to step in. They saved Dudley and got him the care he needed.

    Through a long process, he was fitted for a brand new prosthetic leg, which brought him so much joy!

    He could run just like his horse friends at his new home!

    After many readjustments with his new leg, he is now pain free and able to run around, enjoying his life to the fullest.

    Visitors can come to the Gentle Barn in Tennesee to see Dudley and other rescued animals and to learn more about how they can help other animals in need. Good job, Dudley!

    Please watch Dudley's full story (with tissues nearby) to learn about his struggles and how you can help organizations like Gentle Barn.

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