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    15 Wardrobe Tips From The Most Stylish Cat

    Dress to ~im-purr-ess~.

    1. "Layers can really take a look from casual to something more special."

    2. "Wearing a t-shirt is totally acceptable, as long as there are cute pics on it."

    3. "Bundling up doesn't mean you have to wear dark colors all the time. Spice things up with a print!"

    4. "The right sneaks can totally change your style around."

    5. "Feel free to mix and match your patterns. Live a little!"

    6. "It's true. You should dress for the job you want, not the non-job you already have."

    7. "Just because it's raining doesn't mean you can't still rock your signature color."

    8. "When you feel confident, the light will find you instead of the other way around."

    9. "Even outdoor parties mean you can wear cute accessories..."

    10. "...but getting to wear actual cute accessories is even better."

    11. "Untucking your shirt *is* acceptable in chill situations."

    12. "And as long as you're cool enough, which you are, you can always wear your fave hoodie."

    13. "If you're gonna go casual, feel free to go super casual..."

    14. "...but not TOO casual. No one needs to be arrested today."

    15. "No matter what you wear, just remember: YOU RULE."

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