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12 Secrets Big Ol' Softies Won't Tell You


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1. "Sometimes I let you take the last dinner roll because I know how happy it'll make you."

2. "Even though it's raining, I rolled down the window so no one would know you farted real bad."

3. "Talking to you before bedtime is the only way I can fall asleep."

4. "I always appreciate the BFF photo collages you post and look at them all the time."

5. "Sometimes I think you're too harsh to the delivery drivers if they're late, but I understand where you're coming from."

6. "I still totally enjoy toys that are for kids! Childhood was such a delightful time."

7. "I spend a ton of time making my friends mix CDs. I really try to capture their essence."

8. "I don't like interrupting, so I wait until your TV show goes on commercial break to tell you things. I don't mind!"

9. "I will totally give anyone a ride if they ever need one. Just want my buds to be safe!"

10. "When I'm alone, I have extreme dance parties! It's the best way to get out some extra feelings!"

11. "Nap time is only fun if I get to sleep next to you. Otherwise it's just... drab."

12. "I like being treated like a little prince from time to time. Who doesn't?!"