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    17 Dogs Rockin' Some Sweet Shades

    Being fashionable doesn't always mean you need thumbs.

    1. "Excuse me, sir, do you have any Grey Paw-pon?"

    2. "Just stayin' chill, you know how I do."

    3. "So, which one of us do you want to go out on a date with?"

    4. "Ugh, I'm gonna get a sunburn, I can tell."

    5. "I wear my sunglasses of hearts/so I can/so I can/hide the fact that I also fart."

    6. "These are vintage, like, from 1992."

    7. "Are these too big for my face?"

    8. "Yes, even grandmothers' dogs can have style. Duh."

    9. "I'm wearing these because I'm hungover."

    10. "Wow, cool, your own microbrewery. Yeah, cool, yeah. No, really, yeah, I'm interested."

    11. "Princesses always match their accessories."

    12. "This carpet is the only thing holding me to this earth right now."

    13. "Help, I'm not buoyant at all."

    14. "Stoicism is a lost art."

    15. "I am not a model, the camera just went off."

    16. "Read the cooler behind me. That's my nickname."


    17. "They're not on my what? I can't hear you over how awesome I am."

    BONUS CAT 1: "It's Mister Cool to you."

    BONUS CAT 2: "More like 'Ban Ray,' am I right, Ray is the worst."