19 Dogs Who Are Cat People

    No need for a house divided, we can all get along!

    1. "She tells me the funniest secrets!"

    2. "See how cute his little feetsies are?!"

    3. "I can't believe what you just said about my best cat friend! Apologize!"

    4. "Yes, we've heard the 'got your thinking cat on' joke before. And we love it."

    5. "There's basically no one I'd rather go camping with, and I've gone camping with actual bears before, so that should tell you something."

    6. "With my cat, I can just be myself. I don't have to be 'on' all the time."

    7. "Her cuddle attacks are the best."

    8. "I'd take my cat everywhere with me if it was more socially acceptable."

    9. "I like to listen to his little snores at night."


    11. "The mice don't even bother me, that's how much I love this guy."

    12. "Who else would take hours to help me organize my movie collection? NOBODY."

    13. "Her fur smells amazing. She must use some really exotic shampoo."

    14. "I'm allowed to have more than one BFF, so what?"

    15. "Let me know if someone ever breaks your heart, because I will teach. them. a. lesson."

    16. "I've never been so comfortable."

    17. "The winter doesn't seem so cold with you by my side."

    18. "Good, so good, yes, you cooked an amazing dinner, thank you, yes, so very good job."

    19. "Waking up with his cold nose on my face is the best part of my day!"