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    21 Ways You And Your BFF Run The World

    It's all about the confidence!

    1. Going on a road trip together in order to combine your awesomenesses into one super awesomeness.

    2. Being there for each other when you try a new hobby.

    3. Getting the right amount of beauty sleep in order to look great in photos together.

    4. Staying up-to-date on the hottest food trends.

    5. Hanging out together without even saying anything because you just don't need to.

    6. Making each other laugh by being total goofballs.

    7. Supporting one another in their career endeavors.

    8. Reminding each other when it's going to rain so that no one has to suffer the dreaded Stink Foot.

    9. Sharing the bed during sleepovers without accidentally kicking anybody off in the middle of the night.

    10. Finding the best places to take BFF profile pics.

    11. Letting each other veg out whenever you need to.

    12. Getting rid of that gross beach feeling together is the only way to do it.

    13. Motivating each other to exercise more.

    14. Keeping one another far, far away from any temptations that may pop up.

    15. Not making fun of each other's driving skills, because that just won't help anything.

    16. Forgiving any loopy things you might say while super sleepy.

    17. Knowing how to cuddle in just the right position, because you're two puzzle pieces.

    18. Always laughing at each other's jokes, no matter what.

    19. Sneaking the good food at a party before anyone else can get their paws on it.

    20. Perfecting the perfect pose for the perfect pair.

    21. And knowing y'all are the best BFFs there could ever be!

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