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22 Times The Dog Park Was The Absolute Best Adventure

Tip: Read this to your dog before bed.

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1. Waking up early on a Dog Park Day is the very best thing!

2. You're so happy you're gonna sing!

3. Some Dog Park Days are for bench buddies,

4. and some Dog Park Days end on blankies.

5. Some Dog Park Days are for ball buddies,

6. and some Dog Park Days go through trees!

7. Maybe you'll meet your best friend, a cool pup!

8. Or maybe you'll lose one who just can't keep up!

9. There's nothing much better than lunching alone...

10. ...except for maybe finding your favorite old bone.

11. Your human's amazing! There's no one you'd rather pick!

12. Except for maybe this sweet bodacious stick.

13. It's key to keep cool at the park, you know.

14. And once you do, your smile will grow!

15. And, oh! How you'll smile! As big as the moon!

16. It's thanks to your buddies, Pedro and June!

17. You can't wait to romp on Dog Park Day...

18. ...because sometimes the treats are better than the play.

19. Don't get stuck on the side, observing things.

20. And please don't get stuck in those pesky ol' swings.

21. Thank goodness for buddies and for your best friends...

22. ...who can't wait to see you on a Dog Park Day again!