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25 Dishes To Make Your Gluten-Free Brunch Delicious

Everyone will say "Gluten tag!" to greet you and your amazing meal.

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6. "A Big Pot Of Beans," served over homemade corn tortillas

So maybe making your own tortillas seems like a lot of effort, but we all deserve a big pot of beans in our life sometimes. Find the recipe here.


14. Easy Baked Apples

Pretty sure you could top these with vanilla yogurt instead of ice cream, but where's the fun in that??? Either way, if an apple is involved then it totally counts as a morning-time food. Get the recipe here.


18. Sweet Morning Potato with Yogurt, Maple Syrup & Nuts

Thing you can yell at your friends now: "HEY, SWEET MORNING POTATO YOU'VE GOT THERE!" Alternatively: "SWEET MORNING, POTATO!" All about punctuation with this one. Recipe here.


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