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42 Buzzwords Sure To Come Up In The Presidential Debates

Write these down.

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1. "Beware of RoboTax."

2. "I've got the weed for speed."

3. "Nazi libraries."

4. "Boo-rack O-bummer."

5. "Crimson tide."

6. "Grocery drones."

7. "Real aliens."

8. "Jobosaurus Rex."

9. "I love my wife AND my dog."

10. "Adam and Eve, please let me leave."

11. "Hands off my honey!"

12. #KanyeGate


13. "Sarah Palin's ponytail."

14. #MiddleClassSundae

15. "More like SNEWS."

16. "Green coal."

17. "I'm here, I eat steer, get used to it."

18. "Dr. Paul's Miracle Elixir."

19. "Almond terrorism."

20. "It's our money and we want it now!"

21. "Spam is great for our kids."

22. "Hurt the different!"

23. #kalemageddon

24. "Soft rock the vote."


25. "Strategic tweets."

26. "My feet are tired."

27. "And THAT'S what a prez says!"

28. "Information Stupor Highway."

29. "Here, have some hot salad."

30. "My wife is not an android."

31. "The 'Jerk Store.'"

32. "Gut funk."

33. "Vice Presi-DON'T."

34. "Large paws make clumsy cobblers."

35. "Kickstarter is for quitters."

36. "Captain Planet isn't real!"

37. "Orca fail."

38. "Bluetooth senators."

39. "Yeah, well, pizza grows on trees."

40. "A box is coming."

41. "Fear the fearless."

42. "A Chipotle bowl for each home."