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    15 Things Petite People Should Be Allowed To Complain About

    Can we live.

    1. People never believe how fierce you can be until it's too late.

    2. You know you can totally pull off certain looks, but...

    3.'s impossible to try such daring styles like your friends do.

    4. If you still sleep with a stuffed animal, just out of habit, you look even more like a child than usual.

    5. When buddies think it's totally cool to pick you up AND IT IS TOTALLY THE OPPOSITE OF COOL.

    6. Exercising, because it makes you look absolutely ridiculous.

    7. Whenever someone suggests you sit in the back because "you fit better."

    8. Your family, even though they mean well, when they still greet you like you're a little kid.

    9. Accessorizing with such small arms.

    10. Waves sneak up on you WAY more often.

    11. Getting out of bed, since you're EVEN FARTHER from the ground.

    12. No one ever fully appreciates the physical feats you accomplish. Hiking is a big deal!

    13. People assuming you always want something off the children's menu (even though it is cheaper...).

    14. Being at the whim of whomever can reach the windows, so you're either burning up or totally freezing your buns off.

    15. And finally, being lower to the ground means you smell things NO ONE should have to smell.

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