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Jun 11, 2013

Corgnelius Got A New Brother Named Stumphrey And He's Adorable

These two corgis are inseparable, lovable, adorable, and the cutest things ever.

Corgnelius turned 1 on May 18!

He had a very big announcement...

One week later, Stumphrey joined the family!

He's a Jedi Master of adorableness already.

Don't you worry about any jealousy between these two!

"I always thought Corgnelius wanted a sibling," said the pair's owner Susie. "He always wanted to play or chase for hours at night."

You can't tear them apart!

"Because Stumphrey isn't fully vaccinated," explained Susie, "I have to carry him around in a bag when we go outside. Corgnelius won't go on a walk without him. They're inseparable!"

See? They even share meals together!

Stumphrey, or Stump Stump, was born on March 15.

Corgnelius' fans loved him instantly.

"I wouldn't say they even warmed up to him," said Susie. "They loved him right away!"

He's so cute, you could just eat him up.

Here is the infamous and elusive "Stumposaurus."

He may not be a "born model" like his big brother, but he's a pretty fast learner so far.

Welcome to the family, Stumphrey!

Now take a well-deserved nap. Being that cute must be super tiring.

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