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    17 Times This Shiba Outclassed You

    Thankfully, there's a Shiba Sommelier tumblr for all of your wine and dog needs.

    1. "I first heard of this tarty pinot greeeege like five years ago, but I'm glad you're discovering it now."

    2. "Take your thyme drinking this wine. Heheheh, get it?"

    3. "Though you may be used to your cherries on top of sundaes, but I prefer mine in this Brunello di Montalcino."

    4. "Sharing this wine with a friend, because I believe in charity. It's good for the skin."

    5. "The blueberry taste to this wine also has some spice with it. A nice break from all the pumpkin flavors floating around out there!"

    6. "Don't call me 'honey,' honey. Save it for the wine."

    7. "I paired these juicy steaks with an even richer wine because I care about my personal happiness."

    8. "Hands off this peachy wine. It's allllllll mine. But do get your own!"

    9. "Oh, I didn't see you there. I was just admiring the cranberries in this wine. Don't you think they match my fur? Thanks, I agree."

    10. "Everyone will smile once they've tried this nectarine-y, citrus-y wine! Even me!"

    11. "Bonjour. I tried to dress as fresh as the mint in this wine. Is it working?"

    12. "Three cheers for a dessert wine you don't have to be ashamed of!"

    13. "Some might say I'm too cool for this fruity wine, but I'd say they're wrong. I'm just the right amount of cool."

    14. "Hmmm. Not too sure about the pepper in this wine, just as I'm not sure if I remembered to set up my DVR for tonight. This could be problematic."


    16. "I'm far too sweet to handle this super sour wine. Here, you try it. I'll watch from a safe distance."

    17. "I know exactly what dish to pair this wine with, but I'll only tell you once you compliment my fab scarf."