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    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies Are The Cutest Puppies To Ever Puppy

    Disagree? Here are 22 pictures to prove it.

    1. "This is knot funny."

    2. "Netflix marathon? I'm so ready!"

    3. "Oh my, I'd never tell anyone that secret. Promise!"

    4. "No, I can't tell that you forgot deodorant today. You smell great!"

    5. "What's Instagram?"

    6. "This is my patented cuddle formation. I call it the 'Doggy Puddle.' It's a doggy paddle plus a cuddle!"

    7. "Ugh, sometimes the world just gives me a lot to think about, but I'd never trouble you with it because I know you've got a lot on your plate too."

    8. "Being twee in a garden is what I was born to do."

    9. "I'll follow you until you love me. Pupa-puparazzi."

    10. "You don't scare me! I'm wearing this fab T-shirt for protection!"

    11. "It's OK, I can walk myself if you're not feeling up to it."

    12. "We're so portable!"

    13. "I wear my heart around my neck for you."

    14. "Little bit of food left on your plate? Don't worry. I got this."

    15. "RUNNING IS FUN."

    16. "I was worried that I forgot to brush my hair today. I think I'm managing alright."

    17. "I'm like a snooze button!"

    18. "Thought I'd wish you a happy Valentine's Day and then give you and your boyfriend some space."

    19. "He loves me, he loves me not... Wait, you all love me? I'm so silly."


    21. "Stay hydrated this summer, kids!"

    22. "Now that we've convinced everyone of how cute we are, let's play Hug Tag to celebrate being the puppiest!"

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