24 Cats Who Found The Perfect Sun Spot

    Ain't nothin' better.

    1. "I refuse to move a single muscle from this newly found nirvana."

    2. "Warm belly? Sign me up!"

    3. "You'll have to make it over my comfortable body if you want to get outside."

    4. "It's like my own personal warming rectangle, and I shall not share it."

    5. "Sunshine buddy time is the best buddy time!"

    6. "Pardon me, but don't you dare walk into my sunlight stream. Watch your step, pal."

    7. "I prefer my sun on my own pedestal. It's when I truly feel like the queen I am."

    8. "Too much goodness to handle!"

    9. "I got it right where I want it!"

    10. "...am I forgetting something? I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh, yeah! My bear friend needs some sun, too!"

    11. "Suuun stretchesssss yessss."

    12. "Mmm, a lil sun on my belly is just what I needed today. And every day, who are we kiddin' here?"

    13. "Does this sunshine make my evil side look big?"

    14. "Look! Perfect shade for my eye and everything!"

    15. "Ahhhhh. YES. Yes. This is the life."

    16. "Yeah, just the butt, please."

    17. "My plan is to fall into sleep as I fall into sun."

    18. "Good heavens! This sun wasn't here when I started my nap! What ho, a good surprise!"

    19. "Oh, plant. You're the only one who understands my love of sun."

    20. "Didn't see you there. On account of how great I look in this chair."

    21. "Even if I didn't already sleep most of the day away, I think this sun could convince me to try it."

    22. "I'm 100% all about this sun right now."

    23. "Ehhh, I guess I feel 50% about this sun. Could be better."

    24. "This sun's a solid 15%, and that's juuuuuust right."