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17 Cats Who Are Totally Into National Cat Day

It's their favorite day of the year, or whatever.

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1. "Can I just take the sandwich and go?"

2. "You just seem to care about this holiday a lot more than I do, which really bums me out."

3. "You woke us up for this?! Ugh."

4. "Now that the 'celebrations' are over, I can get back to my sick skateboarding ollies and loops and cool stuff."

5. "You made it sound like something important was happening out here. Great."

Isabelle Brassard / Via

6. "I'm celebrating by pretending to be a dog. That's how much this 'holiday' means to me."

7. "You'd thought I'd love this gift, but I'm thinking conversely on that one."

8. "Ugh. I just found my chill."

9. "Hmph. I'd prefer it if every day was National Cat Day, but whatever, I guess."

10. "Clearly, I've already partied and little too hard-y."

11. "Fiiiiiiine. We'll go to your party but only for like an hour. Deal?"


13. "Just checking if this day was over yet. No? Cool. We'll be chillin' over here."

14. "We've got the right idea."

15. "I'll party. I'll tooootally party. Eventually."

16. "You tried your hardest to make today special for me, and I really do appreciate it."

17. "I've been celebrating alllllllllll day. And now? I rest."

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