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    21 Cats Who Are Secretly Excellent Readers

    This whole time you thought they were just posing cutely with your books. Now you know the adorable truth.

    1. "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again... then I woke up to eat some kibble."

    2. "This book might seem like it's for babies, but I plan on being a teacher one day and I need to relearn the basics."

    3. "Basically, I'm just here to learn the tricks of his trade so I can exploit them later."

    4. "I enjoy a natural sunlight when I read."

    5. "Hmm, this will make an interesting point in my thesis."

    6. "Sometimes I find really immersing myself in these works helps me understand design a lot more."

    7. "The buddy system works with books, too!"

    8. "Extra toes mean I can read extra prose."

    9. "Dunno if you caught that, but that's clearly a reference to one of her previous works."

    10. "Ugh, I hate that people don't get the true art of reading anymore."

    11. "Getting through textbooks doesn't have to be difficult."

    12. "This book is in French, and no, it's not just to impress the ladies."

    13. "Hmm, I thought the bell always tolled for dinnertime..."


    15. "Start every morning with a brief meditation on some dictionaries, and see how your life improves."

    16. "We wrote the introduction to this book together."

    17. "Napping is an important part of the reading process, in case you hadn't heard."

    18. "I would never run away like the cat in this book. Never."

    19. "Have you seen my Neil Gaiman? It's not where I left it."

    20. "Ugh, you read so much slower than I do!"

    21. "I'm already pretty happy, though, seeing as I live the life of a cat."