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19 Cats Who Simply Don't Need Feet Anymore

They've basically forgotten all about them.

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1. "I find I barely have any need for feet at this point."

2. "HELLO, my eyes are up here."

3. "It'd take a while, but I could probably remember a time when I used my feet."

4. "Sit down! Quick! You need to relax more. Like me!"

5. "You're still using feet? HAH. Puhleeze."

6. "I'm simply beyond those olden ways of transportation."

7. "I'm asleep for, like, most of the day anyways."

8. "Pssshhhhhhhhh. Pfft. Psht. C'mon, man."

9. "Don't ask how I got up here."

10. "Just changed my Twitter handle to '2 SWEET 4 FEET,' and I'm feelin' pretty swell about it."

11. "Sorry, can't scoot over to make any room for you."

12. "I'm used to this kind of life by now, I guess."

13. "I believe you said this was a 'pizza night,' not a 'let's judge Jeremy for not using his feet night.'"

14. "Watching you walk around like that just breaks my lil heart."

15. "I made my choice early in life. I plan on regretting nothing."

16. "I'd appreciate it if you let me live my life however I please, George."

17. "The future just seems more bright this way!"

18. "Whaddya mean, 'where'd my feet go'? Where do any feet go? They go away, and you should follow suit."

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