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Cat Easily Wins MVP Title During Soccer Match

"I do it all for the kids," the cat said in a post-game interview. (H/T Reddit)

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Before the match, you can see the cat warming up with some of his less talented teammates.

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"I like to check in with everyone, just to let them know we're all winners out there," he said.

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Even the coach values his opinion over anyone else on the field.

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"There's a lot of respect between all of us," he said. "I really appreciate all the effort they put out to keep up with me."

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The team's pre-game ritual concludes with a few inside jokes. "Mine are always the funniest," the cat said.

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During some personal reflection after the match, the cat told reporters how humble he truly was about the win. "It's me against the world."

Maxim Syestnov /

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