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Captain Pancakes Is Instagram's Latest Star

Who isn't a fan of slightly grumpy squish-faced cats? Soulless robots, probably.

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1. He's very good at lion-ing.

2. He can bring back old memes like no one's business!

3. Need a dapper cat in a little tie? Captain Pancakes has you covered!

4. When climbing trees, he isn't afraid to ask for some help when he knows he needs it.

5. He goes great with every accessory!

6. This purple really brings out his cross-eyed-itude.

7. Captain Pancakes is also very mythical, and you should treat him as such.

8. See how polite he is during family game night? Perfect!

9. He's practically a nap professional at this point.

10. Scratches are a TOP priority.

11. Watch out for this tricerapaws!

12. Sinks are superbly protected with him around.

13. He'll laugh at all your funny jokes!

14. Captain Pancakes is also a totally unexpected hit at the beach.

15. He's sometimes known as a "wascally wabbit," but be careful when you say that to him!

16. Please don't mention the B-word* around him!


17. Chef cat ain't about his chef hat, but we're okay with that.

18. Captain Pancakes is always a gentleman and would like to thank you for perusing his blog! But more like thank you, Captain Pancakes. Thank you.