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    California's "First Dog" Is An Adorable Corgi Named Sutter

    Kudos on your cute Corgi, California! Sutter is Governor Jerry Brown's top dog/aide, and he's totally amazing.

    Meet Sutter Brown. He's the First Dog of California.

    Facebook: SutterBrown

    A very prestigious position.

    He's the hardest working...

    ...most fashionable...

    ...cuddliest Corgi in all of California's government.

    Sutter understands how important leisure is for a balanced lifestyle.

    But he also totally knows how to put in the long hours it takes to help run a state.

    No one's more majestic than Sutter. No one.

    Sutter can conduct important meetings IN HIS SLEEP.

    "DIETS BE DAMNED," as Sutter always says.

    He definitely loves his state, though he might wish that the bear be replaced with a Corgi one day...

    Plus, he can bring his dad, Governor Jerry Brown, on very important business meetings.

    And even though life is sometimes a struggle...

    ...and work can get you down...

    ...he's still the best First Dog ever!