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31 BuzzTeam Posts Even Your Mom Will Love

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

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1. Since Mother's Day is this weekend, be sure to check out all of the amazing posts on #momfeed!

2. Then make your mom a beautiful glitter craft!

3. Or get her a lovely candle!

4. Maybe you want to get yourself something, like a new tattoo.

5. Think to yourself: WWAHD?

6. If you're still in college, JUST KEEP GOING. You'll make it out, one day.

7. Treat yourself to a new book while celebrating Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month!

8. Watch out for your pants, 80s kids!

9. Stop wondering what real love looks like and check out these gorgeous illustrations.

10. Latest meme craze: Uncle Denzel.

I seen this picture 500 times and ain't know it was Denzel cuh

11. What's up with sex?

12. And also: what's up with magical sex?

13. Who knew inspiration could come in so many forms?

14. BTW, Tommy Lasorda is still legend-ing it up out there.


16. Puns are A-OK, tub-bh.

17. Find out how awkward you are on the adventure of your lifetime.

18. Minion, marry, or murder - oh my!

19. Don't forget to thank the people you step on when you're on the ladder of life, or whatever.

20. Ever wonder which Freddie Mercury you are? There are plenty of options.

21. Yes, there are lots of Housewives to choose from.

22. San Fran? SF? The Frisco? See if you know these neighborhoods!

23. Capitalism is no joke, but we still have to laugh at it.

24. We should all be so lucky to be a member of the Prancing Elite one day.

25. Here are so many great ways to get outta work!

26. Bonus commandment: don't cross the streams.

27. Ever wonder what the Avengers were up to before they avenged things?

28. Bueller? Anyone?


30. Whaddya eat for dinner? Cool. GUESS WHAT YOU HAD FOR A BEDTIME SNACK.

31. Tarot, tarot on the wall...

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