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15 Reasons Your Brother Is Also Your Best Friend

Birds of a feather...

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1. You never criticize each other's clothing choices.

2. You don't hold hard feelings after a lil spat.

3. If you happen to nap in a compromising position, he'll be right alongside you.

4. He'll totally share embarrassing baby photos of you, but only because he knows you'd do the same right back.

5. No question is ever too dumb to ask him.

6. You both know when each other needs a little quiet, private time.

7. Even though the process can be hard, you eventually learn that sharing is caring.

8. He'll always have your back, no matter what.

9. You have someone who'll give you an honest opinion on your butt.

10. You learned your sleeping technique from him, and it's reaaaaal comfy.

11. You've become experts at posing in family photos together...

12. ...especially around the holidays.

13. If you're nervous while getting ready for a date, he'll totally help you out with a pep talk.

14. No one pulls better pranks against your parents than you two.

15. He knows when to gently tell you to "just shut up."

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