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16 Boxers Who Are Just Big Ol' Softies

They've got the heart of a butterfly and the fuzziness of a bee.

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1. This pup who loves his doggy cake pops and ain't afraid to show it.

2. This guy who can't believe you found his favorite toy.

3. This buddy who loves taking breaks outside with pals.

4. This snugglebutt who's just a little shy when it comes to expressing her emotions.

5. This lump who's perfected the art of relaxing.

6. This soggy soul who would prefer some better weather, please.

7. This playful rascal who just wants to make you laugh every day.

8. This little girl who is more than happy to take care of the check for everyone.

9. This poet who finds his inspiration ~in nature~.

10. This smarty who doesn't let even one crumb of a snack go to waste.

11. This fella who almost fell asleep while waiting for you to get off the phone.

12. This diva who always knows where the camera is.

13. This guy whose only plans today are being a lumpkin.

14. This eager lady who heard you were having BBQ for dinner and thought maybe she could tag along?

15. This guy who just loves the simple things.

16. This princess who can't imagine a life without you.

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