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16 Imaginary Friends Who Are Here Forever

Relive your friendships from simpler times!

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1. Tico the Mole

Will Varner / BuzzFeed / Via

My imaginary friend was named Tico, she was a mole, and she had two brothers and two sisters, and they all kept me company in my only child-ness until I was about 8. I couldn't bear to accept that she didn't exist, so when I stopped playing with her I told myself that she had moved to Italy.

-- Caroline Moses, Facebook

2. Lucy the Pixie

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed / Via

Mine was a pixie named Lucy, she had blue skin and red hair, her dress was yellow. I'd talk to her in my treehouse about a lot of stuff, like boys (I had her until I was seven....) or my friends, or what I did today.

-- Tristian Ryleigh, Facebook

3. Bigfoot

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed / Via

Mine was Bigfoot. I thought he lived in my dad's home office, which was next to my bedroom. I would talk to him every night and read out CB radio lingo from the poster I had hanging in my room. 10-4 good buddy. I was an idiot.

-- Michelle Hatzopoulos, Facebook


4. "Inner" Loren

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed / Via

My imaginary friend was the voice in my head but personified. She had a red polka dot dress and headband/bow with short black hair and tan skin. She would usually show up when I was bored like at church or sitting on the toilet and I was just talk to her in my head. But I also imagined her always following me around so I was never lonely. She would even watch me as I slept, which I was fine with. She lived in the ceilings and she would appear whenever I needed her whether I was at store or at home. She was always looking out for me! Sometimes, she visits me for a few moments and is all grown up. We have a laugh about it!

-- Loren Vasquez, Facebook

5. Mourte the Raptor

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed / Via

My imaginary friend was a raptor, with roller blades, a leather jacket skull helmet, and he could transform his skates into a monster truck, he also had a hammer and I would pretend he'd smash cars I didn't like. His name was Mourte (pronounced mort).

-- c4d1da1426

6. Furry the Chocolate Brown Cat

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed / Via

I had a chocolate brown cat, Furry, for an imaginary friend. She and I used to play shoot the neighborhood bullies with pebbles and slingshots.

-- Stacia Holmes, Facebook

7. Jonty Fominaye

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed / Via

I used to have an imaginary friend called Jonty Fominaye. He was tall and blue and wore a top hat. We used to go ice skating in the nursery playground.

-- Sophie Slimings, Facebook


9. Kan the Ape

Will Varner / BuzzFeed / Via

Mine was an ape named Kan. She wore a pink bow on one ear and liked to sleep on top of my dresser to make sure no monsters got me at night from under the bed. She and I liked to skate and make mud pies to sell. I cried watching Inside Out because I realized I don't remember when she disappeared from my life, she just faded sometime before I turned about 5.

-- Jennifer Suter, Facebook

10. Sixta

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed / Via

His name was Sixta and he was six years old. He had a horse sidekick named Chalkbag (I really have no idea where that came from). Sixta lived in the clouds with his brothers and sisters, all of which had number names that corresponded with their ages…so One-a, Two,-a, Three-a….we had great adventures and I really miss them!!

-- Kate Carone


12. Janet / Via

When I was 4, my mom used to hear me chat to “myself” while I was in the bathroom. Later, I told her that it was my imaginary friend, Janet, who lived in my toilet. This is my adult illustration of her.

-- gabriellea45abb17bd

15. The Raisins

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed

My imaginary friends were raisins. No kidding, four, toddler sized, walking, talking, dancing, raisins. We rode on the top of imaginary airplanes and made pie. Thing is, I actually really hate raisins. I was a strange child.

-- kamis405e89170

16. Raffi

Will Varner / BuzzFeed / Via

Mine was named Raffi and from what I remember he was a me-sized version of the children's singer by the same name. Then there was a tiny baby named Gerby that could fit in the palm of your hand, I was often a cool boy named Joshua (instead of an uncool girl named Megan) and there was a bully named Jessica. We all wore white t-shirts with our names in orange block letters.

-- meganb96

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